This is a list of Klay World episodes. Robert Benfer created the series and under the name Knox in 2003. Each episode has been posted on his website (later renamed From 2003 to 2009, Klay World videos were also posted on In 2007 Robert started posting Klay World videos through his YouTube account.

On June 2013 Klay World All Gone was released.Its a 10th Anniversary Video.


The first 25 episodes were filmed with the crappy camcorder that Knox used to make his first video Ghost Footage.

Yellow Seed


Joyride 2

Joyride 3: Final

Frickle D Frum


Hulky 2: Final

Henry's Shotgun

Bar Fight!

Leon and His Dog

Dr. Bob

Bored Bombers

The Camcorder


Newspaper Monster

Tree Hand Thing

Jacob II

A Robot

Knox's Klay World 1/6

Knox's Klay World 2/6

Knox's Klay World 3/6

Knox's Klay World 4/6

Knox's Klay World 5/6

Marrie Ecks Mus

Knox's Klay World 6/6


In 2004, Knox began filming Klay World with a camera that had improved quality.



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